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Terms & Conditions

It is considered that each and all program participants have already read and agreed with terms and conditions on this website, including contents on this page.

China International Education offers study-in-China program packages; "Allied Gateway" are trade marks of China International Education.

Unauthorized use of exclusive information, includeing photos and vidoes, on this website is prohibited;

Once application made, it will be regarded that the applicant registers the program with us and agrees with all terms and conditions shown on this website.

Chinese Laws, Program Regulations and Chinese Custom
Program participants obligate themselves to fully respect and obey Chinese laws as well as program regulations, Chinese custom and Chinese tradition during their stay in China.

Program participants shall be responsible for all consequences arisen.

Insurance, Emergency & Pecuniary Responsibility
China International Education ONLY plays a role to assist to applicant's insurance issue.

Those Programs that are longer than one semester (including one semester) have been covered by standard compositive insurance required by government. Please click here for details.

For programs that are shorter than one semester are NOT covered by any insurance from our side.

China International Education always stays with program participants, offers assistance while un-expected emergency arisen, free of charge.

China International Education is not PECUNIARILY responsible for any medical and accident emergency happened to program participants during their programs.

Program Availability & Placement
Due to limited spots, placement is confirmed on first-come firstserved basis, and reserved by official application only, though there is always an application dealine for each program.

It is always applicant's responsiblity to get a visa to get into China. To different programs and different situations, China International Education may assist applicants in visa information, visa papers, visa extension and visa transform.

China International Education only offers visa supporting documents for programs longer than one semester.

Accommodations offered in all programs, each and all, are limited to:
Check-in one day before program registration date, check-out by noon of the next day of the program-end date.

For programs that are longer than one semester, semester-break(holidays between semesters) accommodation are not included. Program participants need to pay extra if choose to stay in.

China International Education does its best to meet program participants' needs to accommodation.

Nevertheless, China International Education can't guarantee the availability of required accommodation if you choose to live in campus dormitory for late application. In such a case, China International Education will help you for other options available in the first place.

There may be a delay in sending the accommodation placement to students due to late receipt of the application or accommodation transform.

If it's the program participant who wants to change the booked accommodation, payment will not be refund anyhow.

Cancellation, transform of booked accommodation will not be accepted.

Please be aware that your host family may be changed in the event of a sudden accident, sickness, natural disaster, or due to their financial situation etc. If this occurs, you may be placed temporarily in a hotel or dormitory until a new placement made. In this case, we will pay additional accommodation costs and transportation fees.

Apartment Option
* Program fee for apartment option includes only rent;
* Bills related to the apartment during stay-in, like electricity, water, gas, management fee, TV, telephone & internet access need to be paid by program participant in extra.

* The lifestyle and custom of each family could vary in each household, please follow the family.

* Please make every effort to clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings with the family or, you can call your China International Education advisor for assistance.

* Please talk to the family before inviting a friend home. It is not considerably acceptable to hold a party and/or to invite boyfriend/girlfriend into bedroom.

* Please keep your personal items yourself.

Support & Service
In all programs, there are China International Education advisors who will assist all needs from our program participants, from study to culture immersion, to daily life.

China International Education always offers quality service and support to program participants. Nevertheless, for reasons, such as culture difference, religion, time limit, Chinese custom and laws etc., it is not a promise that each and all requests can be absolutely satisfied.

Photo & Video
Without additional agreement, photos and audios and videos taken during classes and activities, can be used by China International Education.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program (such as schedule, lessons, activities, location, accommodation etc.) without prior notice.

Applicants or program participants will be informed on these changes in the first place.  

Cancellation & Refund
1) Applicant's/Participant's Cancellation
Applicant/Participant may cancel his/her participation in a program. Under this circumstance,
* The paid application fee is non-refundable;
* The 80% paid program fee will be refunded by written cancellation request    sent by the applicant 30 working days prior to program start-date;
* The paid program fee is non-refundable when written cancellation requested    less than 30 working days to the program start-date;
* The paid program fee is non-refundable after a program starts.

2) China International Education's Cancellation
China International Education reserves the right to cancell a program by force majeure. When this happens, China International Education's legal responsibilities are limited to below only:
* To refund the paid application fee in full amount and/or;
* To refund the paid program fee in full amount.

If a program participant wants to leave-school for his/her own reason, to quit his/her study that has been applied/undergoing, he/she needs to follow school's procedures and documents himself/herself. In this case, the program participant is the party that breaks his/her previous agreement between China International Education, he/she takes responsibility accordingly. From the time when he/she signs the leave-school application, the previous agreement in between is invalid immediately and automatically.

During stay, if a program participant breaks China laws and/or regulations, which makes he/she can't continue study, he/she is the party that breaks his/her previous agreement between China International Education, he/she takes responsibility accordingly, the previous agreement in between is invalid immediately and automatically.


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