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What We Do

We commit to developing a global perspective and cross-cultural understanding among its students. It has developed a network of reciprocal agreements with universities across China to build up qualified programs.  We offer a full selection of programs in 3 the most vibrant and exciting cities in China. In addition to the language or martial arts, we also offer Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cantonese study programs. Participants can possibly dig deeper into the unique Chinese culture and its languages. Provided with a wider options of programs in different locations, participants will be able to pick up a program that suits your needs and preference the most.    




We give advice and services to participants before, during and after the studies on academic and local life.  We've been doing utmost to locate the most updated and reliable information for participants to make the right decision when choosing a program. We also administer a range of extra curriculum activities and Chinese buddy system which aims at fostering a better understanding of China and friendship between local and participants.

We organize information sessions, cultural adjustment and orientation programmes, excursions and social activities for participants. Many useful information contained on this website aims to provide  you with a good picture of Chinese life before you come to China.


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