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Mandarin Immersion Spring Short Term Program (4 weeks)


Program Description
Study Chinese and experience the unique Chinese culture during Spring season. Learn Chinese and practice the language on a daily basis in authentic real life environment. Plus the Real Life Instruction held once a week developed by Allied Gateway is specially designed to enhance your spoken language ability. Transcripts and certificate available. Electives include Chinese painting, Taiji Boxing, Chinese Knot and calligraphy.

Different mandarin level classes are available, from beginner to the intermediate(advanced level not available).

By placement tests, participants are distributed to classes matched.

Program Dates
One term for 4 weeks in Shanghai China.

Program Name

Program Code

Program Dates

Application Deadline

Payment Deadline

Mandarin Immersion Spring Short Term Program (4 weeks)


21 Feb -
19 Mar

25 Dec 25 Dec

* Classes will be offered on some of the weekends to make sure a full 4-week school days.

Program Highlights
Real Life Instruction
Four electives on Chinese Culture
Huangpu River Night Cruise
Acrobatics Show
Hangzhou Weekend (extra pay)
Ancient Town of Zhouzhuang (extra pay)

The Mandarin Immersion Program consists of three parts: Class Training, CIE Real Life Instruction and Extra Curriculum Activities. The Class Training integrates all different skills of the language: phonetics, speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary. Real Life Instruction is held every two weeks exclusively to participants. Instructions occur in real life settings with one subject in each section. Subjects include eating, transportation, theatre, shopping, job-hunting, seeing a doctor etc. Extra

  • Total immersion in Chinese environment
  • Comprehensive language training
  • Beginner level to intermediate level
  • Free Allied Gateway Real Life Instruction
  • Extra curriculum activates – weekend sightseeing and electives

Classes are divided into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate. placement test will be conducted after enrolment.

Curriculum are designed to meet the needs of each proficiency level and the program length to ensure you progress rapidly and able to communicate in Chinese in a more effective and efficient manner.

Program Name Morning Afternoon Total Hours Per Week
Mandarin Immersion Spring Short Term Program in Shanghai 8am - 11:35am Mon - Fri Chinese class 2pm – 3:30pm Electives 17.5 hrs/week Excluding electives and other activities

Beginner Class Main Courses
Introductory Chinese, oral Chinese, listening comprehension and introductory Chinese reading
Intermediate Class Main Courses
Intermediate Intensive Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Pronunciation, Fundamental Writing, Intermediate Chinese Listening Comprehension.

  • All the classes integrate all the different skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.
  • Beginner and intermediate levels offered
  • Practical, concise and up-to-date materials are used

Electives and Activities
Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Lecture on Chinese knot, Lecture on Taiji boxing
Activities: Huangpu River Night Cruise, acrobatics show, Shanghai museum, Shanghai museum of Chinese medicine.

Focuses and Objectives






  • Solid foundation of Phonetic knowledge
  • Chinese character structure
  • Basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Simple sentences and daily conversations
  • Greetings/ introductions, money/numbers and dates
  • Social introductions, discussing weather, asking directions
  • Chinese culture
  • Able to travel in China comfortably
  • Order food, shopping and bargaining
  • Simple words and sentence recognition



  • Vocabulary building and sentence structure in expressing opinions, likes and dislikes and feelings
  • Discussions and descriptions: hobbies, interests, job, family, hometown
  • Comprehensive reading: newspaper and other materials
  • Culture understanding
  • Composition
  • Able to communicate and interact in Chinese with locals
  • Able to express himself and opinions
  • Able to talk about daily activities & feelings

Placement Test
Classes are divided into 10 levels so that you will be placed in the right level that suits you the most. An overall placement test including reading, writing, speaking and listening is carried out at the beginning of the program.

Airport Transfer
With flight details, we can provide free airport arrival-pick-up service to program participant.

Accommodation is optional at extra cost.

Standard campus dorms for single and double occupation are available on first come first served basis. All rooms are fully furnished with airconditioner, TV, telephone, bed, desk, book shelf and private bathroom with 24 hours hot water. Public kitchen and washing machine are provided at each level.

Accommodation checks in one day before program start-date, checks out the next day to program finish-date.

How to Apply
To apply, you need to meet requirements below
1. Above 16 years old
2. Be in good health

For day to day schedule, please click here
For more information on How to Apply, please click here.
For Application Form, please click here.

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