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Eat, Drink and Fun

As an international city, Shanghai offers all kinds of cuisines from around the world. Of course, the majority of restaurants offer Chinese food at reasonable prices.

Chinese food is famous for having Eight Major Cuisines: Sichuan, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Cantonese and Anhui.

Not surprisingly, Shanghai Cuisine, also known as Ben Bang, is not one of the Eight Major. Give it a try, you may enjoy it but Westerners often complain that it's too sweet and oily. There are certainly many better gastric options available.

If you like a bit of spice, go to one of the city's many Sichuan or Hunan restaurants. The food is fantastic and won't put a bigdent in your wallet.

Bad news for non-smokers – the vast majority of restaurants and public places freely allow smoking and don't have non-smoking sections.

South Beauty Restaurant offers delicate Sichuan Food


Sunday, April 22nd

Pirates > Mayumi SATO's fashion show
Upcoming Japanese designer Mayumi SATO is releasing her new spring and summer collection. With her innovating style, she gives the clothes an extra touch that makes the difference. The clothes will be shown in Pirates Bar, 22nd- 24th of April where we start off with a fashion show this Sunday.

JZ School > West African Drums Ensemble
The percussion tradition of Africa, West Africa in particular, is alive at the JZ School. Learn to play traditional African hand percussion such as the djembe, dunumba and sangban. Learn about the history of African music in our African Drumming Ensemble. Have fun and learn from master drummer, Minwan Chou. All for 150RMB!

Tuesday, April 24th
Concert Hall > Sonic Youth
The US alternative Rock band Sonic Youth visit China for their first time as part of their Asia tour. Tickets 580rmb and 380rmb, call 6474 0787.

Wednesday, April 25th
HFZ Gourmet & Lounge > Champagne Dinner
Globus Wine and 8 le Gourmet by HFZ invite you to a tasting of five different styles of Champagne matched beautifully with a sumptuous dinner. Top cuvees from two outstanding grower domaines will give you a rare chance to appreciate the true quality and diversity of Champagne. For reservations please call HFZ at 021 6255 3338. 999rmb per person.

Thursday, April 26th
JZ > SCAA Talent Quest
Fancy singing in to something more than your hairbrush? Can you play more than air guitar? Think your moonwalk could rival Michael Jackson's? Then it's time to don your glad rags for Shanghai's first talent competition! Both novice and professional performers are welcome, as individuals or in groups. Entry is 100RMB, including snacks and a la carte drinks, and proceeds go to the SCAA charity. First prize is a 5 night stay in the Red Capital Club in Beijing and an airfare worth 1500USD.

Friday, April 27th

Air Restaurant & Lounge Bar > Chill in Wines and Jazz
Air Bar launches a series of wine tastings on its outdoor terrace with live Nu Jazz. 168rmb per person includes BBQ and over 6-8 kinds of wine all you can drink from 7-9pm. Limited seats on the terrace available, please call 13816985891 for reservations.


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