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Insurance & Visa

Those Programs that are longer than a semester (including 1 semester) have been covered by compositive insurance. For details, please click here.

For programs that are shorter than a semester are NOT covered by any insurance.

However, we strongly recommend you to buy other insurance in your country before leaving, which is by your consideration, covering the period when you stay in China. Before you purchase one, make sure you have clear ideas of what are covered under its policy.

What role China International Education plays on the above insurance
China International Education will fully help you in dealing with your insurance affairs along with the insurance company for free.

As your assistant, China International Education will also fully help you in dealing with all other parties involved.

China International Education is ONLY an assistant for insurance issue. China International Education is not PECUNIARILY responsible for any medical and accident emergency during the program.

* For Courses longer than 3 months, with the visa supporting documents we are to send to you, you can apply for your visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate to come to China to study. Usually getting a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General will take 10 working days. Express service is available at some missions. Please contact the closest Consulate or Embassy for accurate information. It is important to check with the embassy or consulate to verify you have the required documents. A valid passport with adequate blank pages and time left before expiration will be necessary. Remember to prepare extra photos. After the embassy or the consulate is done with your visa, you still need to bring those original visa supporting documents that China International Education sent to you with you to come to China. Be noted that the Chinese embassy or consulate observes the Chinese holiday. The 1st week of May and October and the Spring Festival around the end of January and early February are the main holidays every year.

* For courses less than one semester, you need to apply yourself a visa to come to China. For details, please enquire here.

* If your visa can't cover the course time, we will assist your visa extention after you come to China.

Visa Type



Study Visa (one year)



Visiting Visa, Study Visa (less than one year )



Tourist Visa

X visa
To obtain an X visa, you are required to take a medical check at your home country and submit the check result signed by a doctor together with visa supporting documents which will be sent to you by China International Education to the Chinese embassy or consulate for your visa application. 

When you arrive in China, China International Education will assist you in obtaining the Residence Permit.

F visa
There is no need to take a medical check to apply for a F visa. The visa supporting documents provided by China International Education are sufficient for you to obtain a F visa.  

Click here to find the Chinese embassy in your country.


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