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How to Apply

Have you read Terms & Conditions , Insurance & Visa and other pages?

Step I
Please send the full set of the following required documents here

Five documents required:(Please make all digital files smallest possible in size, but clearly readable)
1) Completed Application Form with correct information in each part;      
    + To download, press the right mouse button over  Application Form and        select 'Save Target as' (or 'Save Linked Content As' depending on your        browser),
    + To tick & type in required information by keyboard, print out for manual        signing.
2) A photocopy of latest education certificate;(if currently a university student,      please provide latest transcript)
3) A photocopy of your passport; (only the page with personal info)
4) A passport type photo;
5) A photocopy of bank telegraph transfer receipt of application fee;
6) Resume.

Application Fee:
+ USD100 for Language Programs;
+ USD300 for TCM Programs;
+ USD100 for Martial Arts Programs;
+ USD100 for Qigong programs.

Program Fee:
+ See at each cost page.
+ Full payment in advance is required, instalment payment unaccepted.

Bank Transfer:
+ Only bank telegraph transfer payment(T/T) accepted;
+ Bank routing for telegraph transfer is available upon request;

+ Bank transfer charges outside China is to be paid by applicant.
+ The transfered amount shown in our account needs to be the required amount    shown on website.

Step II
When the full program fee received in our company bank account before enrollment deadline, China International Education will send you the confirmation by email. In the meantime, the visa supporting documents will be sent to you by registered mail to apply for a study visa.

+ For courses less than 3 months, you need to apply by yourself a tourist visa to    come to China. For details, please enquire here.

+ If you've missed the application deadline and are still interested in a course,    please click here to enquire.

Cancellation & Refund
1) Applicant's cancellation
Applicant may cancel his/her participation in a program. Under this circumstance,
* The paid application fee is non-refundable;
* The 80% paid program fee will be refunded by written cancellation request    sent by the applicant 30 working days prior to program start-date;
* The paid program fee is non-refundable when written cancellation requested    less than 30 working days to the program start-date;

2) China International Education's cancellation
China International Education reserves the right to cancell a program by force majeure. When this happens, China International Education's legal responsibilities are limited to below only.
* To refund the paid application fee in full amount and/or;
* To refund the paid program fee in full amount.

It is considered that participants, each and all program, have already read and agreed with terms and conditions on this website.


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