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Whampoa Military Academy
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Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum
Discovered in 1983, the Nanyue King Tomb, which dates back to 2,000 years ago, is the earliest large-scale painted stone-chamber tomb ever found in south of the Five Ridges. Buried with the tomb owner in jade shroud are a gold seal and a lot of exquisite jade adornments. It has now become one of the famous museums in the world.

Whampoa Military Academy
The academy officially opened on June 16, 1924 , during the first cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China. It was founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, with the help of the Communist Party of China and the former Soviet Union, to train military officers. Situated on the Changzhou Island of Huangpu (Whampoa), hence the name.

Ancestral Temple of The Chen Family
The Guangzhou Study House of the Chen Family is commonly known as the Ancestral Temple of The Chen Family. It is now the site of the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. The 100-year-old temple was once the ancestral temple and study of 72 Chen families in Guangdong in the Qing Dynasty. It is now the largest and best preserved and decorated ancient architecture existing in Guangdong Province. It was designated as an important cultural relic under the State protection by the state Council in 1986.

Covering an area of 15,000 square meters, the temple, having a rectangular structure as its main building, comprises 19 buildings. It is known for its beautiful decoration, which combines wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, clay sculpture, ash sculpture, brass and iron foundry, grotto, new year painting and other art forms. The special historical, art and scientific values have made it an important attraction in Guangzhou.

Xiangjiang Wildlife World
A lively world in Panyu (20 minutes away from Guangzhou downtown) with about 10,000 animals in 300 species introduced from all over the world. Many are rare animals that have never seen before in China. It is divided into vehicle tour area and walking-appreciating area. Here, visitors may stroll in different ecological environments, contacting with the vital nature and wildlife in natural state.

Conghua Hot Springs
It was first built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the famous Second Radou Spring of the world. The water, colorless and odorless, contains numerous elements good for health. The springs are surrounded by undulating mountains. It is full of idyllic flavor with the green mountains and blue water.

Furongzhang Holiday Resort
It is situated at Furong Town of Huadu city. Comprised of mountains, forests, lakes, springs and waterfalls, the spot is green and verdant with trees, presenting a pleasant scenery.

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