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Program Description
Combine theory and exercise. Train your body and soul. This is the essence of Chinese Martial Arts. Participants train under the guidance of China's prominent past National Chinese Wushu Champions. These highly experienced masters are dedicated to providing high quality training for all students, from total beginners to participants competing in National Wushu competitions. Intensive trainings are held in the morning and extra curriculum activities held in weekends to enhance your Wushu skills and China experience.


  • Intensive professional athlete training
  • Access to more a range of forms. Supplementary Wushu electives to provide a chance of learning other forms
  • Supplementary supervisions to enhance Wushu skills 
  • Chinese Language Training (optional)
Training Forms
Forms Course
Tai Ji Quan Simplified form of 24 forms Tai Ji Qian, 32 forms Tai Ji sword, yang style Tai Ji Qian, chen style Tai Ji Qian, wu style Tai Ji Quan, sun style Tai Ji Qian, 42 forms comprehensive Tai Ji Qian, 42 forms comprehensive Tai Ji sword, Taiji pushing hands, xing yi quan , ba gua zhang, wushu theory
Nan Quan Si lu chang quan, chang quan, nan quan, broadswords, sword, spear , staff, dual fight, xing yi quan, pu dao, dual fight of weapon

Class Hours
8:30 – 11:00am Monday - Friday
Elective: 1:30 – 3:30 Monday and Wednesday
Supervision: 1:30 – 3:30 Tuesday and Thursday

Extra Curriculum Activities
A group of Extra Curriculum Activities are covered by the Program, which are to enhance your Wushu skills and Chinese experience.

Wushu Oriented Electives: Wushu electives are offered to provide participants with a chance of practicing other forms. Forms include Praying Mantis, Sanshou, Drunken Boxing, Tumbling Boxing and Bagua Zhang etc. Electives are open in the afternoon of every Monday and Wednesday.

Wushu Supervision: Supervision aims to correct and perfect your movement and skills as a supplementary to the training section in the morning. Supervisor will really slow down to demonstrate you every movement and emphasize in details. Supervisions are open in the afternoon of every Tuesday and Thursday.

Chinese Language Training (optional): Chinese tutoring is organized for those who intend to learn Chinese at his free time at extra expenses. Time and contents can be arranged flexibly according to learner’s needs.

Weekend Excursions: We organize weekend trips in Guangzhou. Attractions include Pearl River Cruise, Qingping Market, The Nan Yue King Tomb Museum, Xiangjiang Night Safari etc.

Program Dates

Program Name


Program Dates

Application Deadline

Enrollment Deadline

Martial Arts



29 Aug –
26 Sep

01 Jul

01 Aug


12 Sep –
05 Dec

01 Jul

01 Aug

Airport Transfer
With flight details, we can provide free airport arrival-pick-up service to program participant.

Accommodation is optional at extra cost.

Standard campus dorms for single and double occupation are available on first come first served basis. All rooms are fully furnished with airconditioner, TV, telephone, bed, desk, book shelf and private bathroom with 24 hours hot water. Public kitchen and washing machine are provided at each level.

Accommodation checks in one day before program start-date, checks out the next day to program finish-date.

How to Apply
To apply, you need to meet requirements below
1. Above 18 years old
2. Be a high school graduate
3. Be in good health

For more information on How to Apply, please click here.
For Application Form, please click here.
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