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External Forms

Chang Quan (Long Fist)
Long Fist includes both Shaolin fist and weapons (Bingqi). Long Fist is the foundation for all of the traditional styles of external Wushu, and is easily identifiable by its acrobatic and explosive movements. It is more suitable to youngsters who can endure strength, speed, agility, elasticity and endurance through exercise and practice. It helps develop the physique and teach the techniques and skills in offence and defense.

Long Fist training begins from learning basic punches, stances, and kicks, which are practiced over and over, even as the student attains higher ranking. Basics are always emphasized, as they must be strong and solid so the student may move on to learning the forms. Once the student has a solid foundation of the basics, forms are introduced. Forms are routines that tie together all the basic skills students have previously learned, with some new movements and skills as well. After completing one basic form, the student will advance on to weapons training. Weapons training progresses in much the same manner as basic Long Fist training: first basic techniques and then to forms. In starting weapons the student will usually begin with a short weapon (sword or saber), and later learn a long weapon such as staff or spear.

Southern Fist
Another dynamic styles of Wushu, is Nan Quan. While just as dynamic as the Long Fist style, Nan Quan concentrates more on arm and full body techniques, with less of an emphasis on the high, acrobatic kicking elements found in Long fist. Nan Quan is a very powerful and intense form of Wushu. As with all other styles of Wushu, Nan Quan has its own unique weapons and forms.

It should be noted that all forms other than Qigong involve weapons as well as the standard bare-hand skills. However Gongfu with weapons will only be introduced after participants have mastered a solid base of bare-hand skills.

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