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How to Inquire


  For a quick targeting, when making an inquiry, please indicate below info in   your email:

  1) the inquired program name key word, like acupuncture, mandarin,       semester, summer, etc.;

  2) city name that the inquired program runs in, like Shanghai, etc.;

  3) the inquired program running time or;

  4) your available date and time length for the inquired program;

  5) your background and level on the subject you inquire.

 * Thanks for helping us to serve you better *


Online Enquiry Form

What's your name?
Where are you from?
This is your email address, to which we will reply you with program information.
Where you firstly found us
Through which website, or search engine, or fair that you find us?
Course interested
Please bewrite your interested program name or subject, together with program length, city name and accommodation type.
Time period wished
When are you available for the program? Which month and date can you leave for China to study?

* If you can't submit online, send us your enquiry with all up-listed information by     clicking Here

* Information filled in this form will be kept in strict safe, and won't be used for any     purpose other than your studying in China inquiry;

* Once we get your message, we will reply you right away.

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