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The city has an advanced telecom infrastructure. Public telephones can be found on most downtown streets. Mobile operators support GSM and CDMA cell phones. Most office buildings have Internet connections and Internet cafes are almost everywhere. China Telecom is the biggest fixed-line telecom operator, including public telephones, fixed phones in the office and broadband connection at home and work.

China Mobile and China Unicom are the two mobile operators. China Mobile has an extensive GSM network while China Unicom supports both GSM and CDMA cell phones.


The mobile network is very extensive and powerful in Beijing. Signals can even be found in the metro and in many elevators. Both GSM and CDMA cell phones have networks. The city supports high-speed wireless networks based on GPRS and WAP, but 3G networks are still undergoing tests.

How to apply

Here, it's better for you to buy a flexible card, which enables you to top up your account at any time. All the mobile outlets sell such prepaid sim cards. Yitong card and Jiajia card offer the international call service. Both of the cards are the prepaid kind.

You can top up your mobile phone either with top-up vouchers which are available in all mobile outlets, grocery stores and newspaper stands.

China's two mobile operators
Many mobile outlets in the city look more like stalls. They sell mobile SIM cards, top-up vouchers and even rechargers for most phone models


It's very easy for a foreigner to find an Internet café on street as they have obvious signs.

Internet cafés usually charge 2-5 yuan (25cents to 62cents) per hour. The charges vary, based on the computers' configuration.

The campus dorm provides university network connection, through which you can log on normal internet. It charges RMB60/month for such service.

Don't be frightened by its crude façade. Most Internet cafés in Beijing don't have pleasant conditions, but they charge very low. Remember the Chinese characters
"网吧" for Internet café.

Warning! You can't just simply pick up a phone in the city and call home. You need to buy an IP card. They're cheap and widely available at grocery stores and post offices. But IP cards aren't suitable for every phone but usually, you can use IP cards through fix-lined phones and cell-phones.

Domestic long-distanced calls and international calls charge different fees. You don't need to activate the IP cards before using it. There are different initial numbers you need to dial with different IP cards.

  • China Mobile's IP card
    dial 17950
    press 2 for English service
    enter card number and end with #
    enter pin number
    (country code) district code and telephone number and end with #
  • China Telecom's IP card
    dial 17908
    press 2 for English service
    enter card number and end with #
    enter code number and end with #
    enter the number you want to dial and end with #

Domestic long-distanced call: 0.80 yuan (10 US cents) per minute, but from 12pm to 7am, 0.40 yuan (5 US cents) per minute.
International call: 8.20 yuan (US$1.02) per minute to all nations.
Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao: 2.20 yuan (US$0.27) per minute.

IP cards appear to be colorful with different designs. They are also collectors' items apart from their basic functionality.

Post Offices

The symbolic color of green is extended to all China Post's facilities including vehicles, mailboxes and postmen's uniforms.

During the orientation tour, we will show you the post office on campus.

The symbolic color of China's post service is green.
Overseas letters usually take five to 10 days for delivery. For post charges consult this link.
Postal service line: 11185 available in English


China Mobile customer service: 10086 (press 2 for English, press 3 for Japanese)

China Unicom customer service: 10010 (press 2 for English)

China Telecom customer service: 1000 (press 2 for English service)


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